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Z.Y Meridian Massage Spa, Massage experts in Washington DC

About Z.Y Meridian Massage Spa

Z.Y Meridian Massage Spa is a professional health center and operated right here at 1515 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009. We specialized in authentic Chinese pain relief therapy, relaxation and healing.


We have been in massage therapy business for years. We've treated every customer as important to us. Other massage businesses may offer similar services, but our Services are the best, and come with a personal touch and care. That is why we have most satisfied and repeated customers in this area.


Our Certified Massage Therapists(CMT) are Asian. They are well trained with many years skill and experience. They understand how to apply the massage and reflexology to relax whole body and treat certain symptoms. You will be impressed by their hand skills during the session. We listen to our customers' voice and understand what you need. Make sure you feel comfortable during waiting time. We provide a very nice and peaceful environment during the session.

Certified Asian Massage Therapists Perform Best Massage in Washington, DC

Z.Y Meridian Massage Spa is a Place to Relax and Make You Feel Good! We wanted to let you know that we offer the best services in Washington DC - You get special one-on-one attention. You will have great time here, which means our massage therapists are well trained professionals and with very good massage skills.  And they love what they do.  Our price is very competitive to other massage business. We also wanted to let you know that you're really important to us, because we couldn't be in business without your trust and support!

We have a lot to offer you. Our services that we make sure you'll be interested and pleased.  Your satisfaction is our first Priority!

Call us to make an appointment today.  Also you are welcome to walk-in during our business hour.

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